Apr 15, 2014

HaloSource Renews Social Stock Exchange Membership

The Social Stock Exchange showcases businesses that have a social impact to potential investors

HaloSource Social Stock Exchange London Membership Renewal April 2014

HaloSource renewed its membership in the London Social Stock Exchange (SSE), a London-based platform that showcases businesses that have a social impact to potential investors. The aim of the SSE is to provide potential stakeholders with the information they need to identify and compare those organizations that deliver value to society and the environment. The new CEO of the SSE, Tomas Carruthers, is an Internet entrepreneur committed to raising the profile of organizations that do "good" and also do well in the marketplace. 

U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron launched the SSE as a part of the G8 Summit in June 2013. Halosource, parent company of the HaloKlear and HaloPure brands of bio-polymer water treatment products, was welcomed into this group because of its commitment to clean water and its innovation in developing environmentally friendly products.

In addition to the daily business activities, HaloSource supports several social impact programs with partnerships including the Barefoot Mile Foundation, Wishing Well International Foundation and, most recently, with a World Water Day celebration in conjunction with 21Acres.