Hard-Hit Havana Still Short of Water

Four days after Hurricane Charley roared through Havana, city workers distributed water in tank trucks and urged about 1.4 million residents of the Cuban capital with no running water to remain calm, The Washington Post reported.

A government official in a car fitted with loudspeakers urged residents to conserve water and said it could take several days to restore services to the 70 percent of the city with no water.

According to the report, the Aguas de La Habana water company said the hurricane had disrupted power supplies needed to pump water into the city. Engineers worked to rebuild eight high-voltage towers knocked down by Charley outside a thermoelectric power plant at the port of Mariel that feeds Havana and the western province of Pinar del Rio.

Last Friday, Charley hit Cuba with 105-mph winds, killing four people and damaging 40,000 homes when it went through Havana province and the western side of Havana.

The Washington Post

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