HarvestH2o Introduces Rainwater Harvesting Site Analysis Tool

Tool provides information regarding how much rain one might harvest

harvesth2o, rainwater harvesting

HarvestH2o has introduced a rainwater harvesting site analysis tool. The tool provides a homeowner or builder information pertaining to how much rain it is possible to harvest, as well as other critical information required to properly design a rainwater catchment system.

This analysis includes:

  • The amount of rain in gallons that can be collected off a roof;
  • The evapotranspiration rate for the area, used to calculate how much irrigation water should used on the property;
  • The monthly rainfall for a property;
  • The monthly high and low temperatures for an area; and
  • The peak storm event rainfall that should be used when calculating tank size, pipe sizes and drain sizes.

“All this information is available somewhere on the World Wide Web, but it is not always obvious where to look,” said Doug Pushard, founder of HarvestH2o.com.

This version covers all of the U.S., including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. All that is required is that the user fill in information relating to the site where the system will be installed.


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