HDR Expands, Relocates Water Research Facility

HDR, a national architectural and engineering firm, has relocated its water research laboratory to a new facility at 2807 152nd Ave. inRedmond, Wash.

The new facility has 1,000 sq ft of "wet lab" space used for water and wastewater analysis and materials and forensics evaluations. It has an additional 1,000 sq ft for fabrication of testing and pilot treatment units. Pilot testing is a critical aspect to the application of new technologies, as it allows for project-specific modifications enhancing performance and reducing the expense of modifying full-size facilities.

The Water Services Facility was established in 1991 as a small analytical facility to aid with corrosion control studies. It now offers a wide range of services related to water quality and distribution system analysis, sampling, pilot testing, and independent and collaborative research on national water quality issues.

Research clients and partners include the Environmental Protection Agency, American Water Works Association Research Foundation, and industrial associations such as the Plastic Pipe Institute and Copper Development Association. HDR's lab has provided services to clients throughout the U.S. and Canada.


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