HDR Selected for Southern Nevada Pipeline Project

The Southern Nevada Water Authority has selected HDR to initiate design for its groundwater development pipeline project that will bring a reliable new water source to Southern Nevada.

HDR was selected over 17 other engineering firms for this high-profile project that is a top priority for SNWA because of the prolonged drought throughout the Colorado River Basin and western United States.

HDR’s design work will be performed in phases. In the first phase, HDR will perform hydraulic and surge analyses for more than 200 miles of large diameter pipeline, five pumping stations, four hydroelectric stations, a terminal reservoir and a treatment plant. The second phase is final design for a 75-mile section of 78- and 84-inch pipeline, a rate of flow control station and a regulating tank.

The entire groundwater development system includes:

• Approximately 300 miles of buried water pipelines up to 84 inches in diameter

• Five pumping station facilities that include forebays

• Four hydroelectric stations to take advantage of elevation changes along the pipeline

• A 40-million gallon buried storage reservoir

• Six regulating tanks, each with a capacity of approximately 3 million gallons

• A 150 million-gallon per day facility

• 14 groundwater production well sites

HDR Inc.

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