Headworks Honored for Export Achievements

Last month, Headworks, Inc., received the U.S. Commerce Department’s Export Achievement Award for recent accomplishments in the global market place.

Presented by Theodore W. Kassinger, deputy secretary of the Commerce Department, the award recognizes small and medium-sized companies that have benefited from U.S. Commercial Service export assistance to open new foreign markets.

The U.S. Commercial Service recognizes the fact that a large majority of the jobs in the U.S. are created by small and medium-sized businesses. These companies also consist of almost 97% of U.S. exporters.

The help of the U.S. Export Assistance Center in Houston has greatly contributed to the growth of Headworks Inc. Through the USEAC, the U.S. Commercial Service helps small and midsize U.S. businesses like Headworks sell their products and services globally. Without these government programs, international trade efforts for small and medium-sized companies would be much more strenuous.


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