Oct 28, 2011

Healthy House Institute, Water Quality Assn. Form Educational Partnership

Organizations partner to help consumers understand importance of improving water quality

The Healthy House Institute (HHI) and Water Quality Assn. (WQA) recently formed an educational partnership to help consumers understand the importance of and technology behind improving residential water quality.

“The partnership is a logical pairing as both organizations are devoted to arming consumers with information to make their homes healthier,” said Allen Rathey, president of HHI.

Under the terms of the agreement, HHI will develop articles showcasing the value of WQA certification programs and educating consumers on water quality issues for the HHI website. WQA will team with HHI to develop collaborative press releases designed to boost the public’s awareness of water quality issues and drive traffic to both organizations’ websites.

“We are excited about the potential of this partnership,” Rathey said. “The WQA/HHI educational program is a recipe that yields results over time once all the ingredients are present. The first ingredient is establishing regular content on HHI so search engines will find it, and the public and media will begin to learn about WQA and related products/benefits. Next, we will begin joint press releases disseminated by wire service. These press releases, written from a consumer perspective, will help drive media interest, producing more awareness and traffic to both sites.”

“This partnership will aid WQA in further disseminating water quality information to the public. It’s a win-win for the WQA, the HHI and the consumer. The more informed consumers are, the better water quality choices they will make,” added Pauli Undesser, WQA director of regulatory and technical affairs.