Hendrx Corp. to Introduce AWG Products Rainmaker and Eriva in North American Market

Hendrx Corp., a developer, manufacturer and worldwide distributor of water generation, filtration, ionization and purification devices, announced the addition of their Rainmaker and Eriva Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) products to their worldwide marketing plans that will target North America during the first quarter of 2006.

Hendrx's AWG units extract and purify drinking water from the air, which meets or surpasses the highest international standards for water quality. Hendrx has two registered patents, four licensed patents and one patent pending. Their technology keeps the water captured through the AWG process fresh for pure, healthy drinking water.

The Rainmaker is a countertop unit designed to produce up to 4.2 gal (16 liters) daily of purified drinking water at an approximate cost of 10% of the price of bottled water. This smaller AWG unit requires no plumbing hookups and also functions as a dehumidifier and air cleaner. Although Hendrx will strongly target the residential market, increasing demand for offices, schools, hotels, government, restaurants and fitness clubs is also anticipated.

The Eriva is a full-size water generator designed for the average household or office. It offers the same advantages as the Rainmaker but is a stand-alone floor unit with double the storage capacity. The Eriva produces up to 29 liters of fresh water daily and offers three water dispenser controls for room temperature, hot and cold water.

Hendrx Corp.

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