May 06, 2005

Highlights from the WQA Aquatech USA 2005 International Exhibition & Conference

WQA Aquatech USA 2005 Receives a High Grade

This year’s WQA Aquatech USA show in Las Vegas proved to be a success. The show brought together many new and familiar faces who had the opportunity to share their knowledge and technology innovations.

WQA’s partnership with Aquatech was felt in the increased presence of international exhibitors at the show. Exhibitors enjoyed noticeable attendee traffic, including on day three of the show. Additionally, attendees took part in various events, educational sessions and networking opportunities. Only a few weeks after the show, the Water Quality Association announced that the 2005 attendee registration reached 4,292, a 50% increase over the 2004 show (2,854). According to the WQA, the total number of companies exhibiting at this show was 331, a 60% increase over 2004 (207 exhibitors)—and the 599 booth spaces available, were up 48% over 2004 (405).

Overall, Water Quality Products gives WQA Aquatech USA 2005 a B+ grade because the show encompassed and served well the residential and commercial side of our market; however, there is still place for growth in regards to the industrial presence at the show. We feel that the new show is a definite step in the right direction for our industry.

Hall of Fame - Wes McGowan
Wes McGowan, Wes Max Consulting, Ltd., Bradenton, Fla., received the highest honor of the association, 2005 Hall of Fame, at this year’s WQA Aquatech USA for his life-long dedication and services to the water quality improvement industry. McGowan received a Lifetime Member Award in 1991 and a Key Award Winner in 1996.

“The WQA Aquatech USA convention lived up to its theme ‘The Water Opportunity Show.’ Indeed new opportunities are ripe for the pickings for all participating companies and individuals.”
—Issa S. Al-Kharusy, CWS-VI, CEO, KDF Fluid Treatment, Inc., Three Rivers, Mich.

“Superb show, new faces, new products, great attendance. My hat is off to all those involved from WQA/Aquatech for working hard and doing a great job. Keep up the good work and keep the industry evolving.”
—Jeff Roseman CWS-IV, owner, Aqua Ion Plus+ Technologies, La Porte, Ind.

“We found that both the exhibit hall and technical sessions were very well attended. The new selective medias for arsenic, nitrate, and perchlorate that we showcased in our booth generated a strong interest among the attendees.”
—Michael Gottlieb, president, ResinTech, West Berlin, N.J.

“The number of attendees, but more importantly the quality and potential of the leads from this WQA far surpassed those in recent history. In spite of all the changes in our industry, the vendors we talked to experienced the same fantastic show we did. Change can be very good...”
—Dan Cammack, president, TexSon Water, Ltd., San Antonio, Texas

“WQA exhibit was excellent with a very concentrated effort that focused on water treatment. The WQA association did a great job of driving new traffic by adding Aquatech. More organizations should take that lead with trade exhibitions.”
—Michael Rudowitz, sales manager, Harmsco Filtration Products, North Palm Beach, Fla.

“This year's WQA Aquatech show was one of the best in years. As an exhibitor I was very pleased to see not only all the devoted WQA members that attend every year but there were many new attendees.”
—Marianne R. Metzger, technical support/accounts manager, National Testing Laboratories, Ltd., Cleveland, Ohio

“The show was excellent. Ozone is recognized as the strongest commercially available oxidant and disinfect and the high level of traffic and awareness from attendees visiting the Pacific Ozone Technology and International Ozone Association booths indicates that interest in ozone technology for water treatment continues to grow.”
—Brian Johnson, president, Pacific Ozone Technology, Benicia, Calif.

“This year’s WQA-Aquatech is the best show I have ever attended in 15 years. The traffic was noticeably higher and more importantly the audience was much more focused than in other years. We are already looking forward to next year’s show.”
—Guillermo Guzman, president., H2O International, Inc., Deerfield Beach, Fla.

“As this year, 2005, is the first time that we have exhibited along with Goulds Pumps and Wedeco (all three companies under the ITT Industries umbrella), it was a different experience. Our main heading had the ITT logo and the Aquious logo (our new brand). Therefore, some current and perspective customers had a very difficult time finding us without the WET name as our main heading. We think that this WQA Show 2005 had the largest attendance in general in the past five years. The traffic to our booth was a little disappointing, but the quality of the leads was good. ”
—Jaquelin P. Garza, marketing coordinator, ITT - Aquious Water Equipment Technologies, Boynton Beach, Fla.

Water Quality Products is proud to have Wes McGowan as a member of its Editorial Advisory Board.


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