Holliday Water Co. and Crested Butte Lower Cost of Treated Water

Holliday Water Co. in Utah and the Town of Crested Butte, Colo., selected Pall’s Aria Water Treatment System based lowest total water cost.

According to Pall, the Aria system achieves significant saving by operating at the highest unit output and higher recovery compared to similar products.

The Pall system at the Holliday Water Co., filters spring water under the influence at flows up to 2.5 mgd. According to Doug Hensen of the Holliday Water Co., "The Pall system provides the lowest overall evaluated cost that meets required water quality at an economical price."

Pilot tests at Crested Butte affirmed that Pall’s microfiltration system generated 1/4 of the waste, used 65% less chemicals and consumed 40% less power.

"Pall’s membrane system is the best value and provides the desired level of water quality," said Larry Adams, plant manager at Crested Butte.


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