Aug 17, 2006

Home Service USA Corp. Partners with Portland Water District

Home Service USA Corp. entered into an agreement with the Portland Water District in Portland, Maine, to provide a water service line warranty program to its residential customers. Based in Miami, Fla., Home Service USA offers utility companies across the country available solutions to serve consumers with vital, round-the-clock assistance on household emergencies, ranging from blocked drains to faulty wiring.

“The Portland Water District provides high-quality service to nearly 200,000 people living in the Greater Portland area,” said Dennis Wellert, Home Service USA senior vice president. “Our new partnership provides an opportunity for the district to expand customer service while protecting homeowners against potentially costly service line leaks and breaks on private property.”

Customers benefit tremendously by not having to find a contractor in an emergency, avoiding large unexpected bills. Home Service USA provides service contracts that provide emergency plumbing, drainage, gas, electrical wiring and service line emergency services to homeowners in partnership with utility companies. Programs are branded under the utility. Home Service USA manages all aspects of the program, including direct marketing, customer service, claims handling and service fulfillment through its sub-contractor (plumbers, electricians, etc.) network.

“We have a demonstrated record of rapidly building high quality utility assistance programs through substantial marketing investments and well managed service networks,’’ Wellert added. “We customize programs as a new offering or seamlessly integrate into existing programs without further investment of time and money from our partners.”

Similar to automobile emergency road services, Home Service USA strives to be the best at promptly dispatching qualified technicians to fix household problems, offering solutions to utility partners that meet real customer needs.

“We guarantee standards that meet or exceed customer expectations with a 97% satisfaction rating from members serviced,” said Myles Meehan, Home Service USA vice president of business development. “A strategic alliance with us offers the utility partner a customer-focused service that provides a new source of income with virtually zero risk.”