Growing Disinfection Market Provides Advancement Opportunities

May 29, 2018

About the author: Neda Simeonova, editor [email protected]


At nearly $500 billion, the global water market is one of the world’s largest market segments. It is also one of the most valuable, as water must be treated, managed and conserved effectively. A close look at the water disinfection market shows a worldwide growth of between 8 and 25%, depending on the sector. Because of declining water quality worldwide, Helmut Kaiser Consultancy estimates this growth will boost the disinfection market from $3.5 billion in 2004 to about $6 billion by 2010.

Studies show several million people die each year because of contaminated water. The rates are especially high in developing countries; however, industrialized countries occasionally experience problems as well. Professionals in various water sectors continue to search for ways to improve the quality of water through conventional treatment and disinfection approaches. In the meantime, regulations are becoming more stringent.

Water disinfection is the most critical process in the treatment of water. It ensures that potable drinking water is treated to effectively remove destructive pathogens and microorganisms that are harmful to humans, animals and plant life. In addition, wastewater disinfection allows water to be recycled into lakes and rivers, or to be reused in industrial or commercial applications.

There are various reliable means of water disinfection. Depending on the type of application, UV technology, chlorine and ozone are commonly used in a broad area of water treatment. Each method plays an equally important role in the prevention of water-related illnesses and in improving quality of life.

In an effort to provide you with the most current water disinfection options, the editorial staff of Water Quality Products is excited to bring you this comprehensive supplement, Water Disinfection—A Guide to Current Technologies and Applications.

Within the pages of Water Disinfection you will find selected articles featuring helpful information on the use of UV, chlorine and ozone in various disinfection processes.

The goal of this guide is to provide you—the water treatment professional—with quality content that will help you advance in this fast-growing, competitive market.

To complement Water Disinfection, Water Quality Products has also launched the Disinfection Zone, an online informational zone covering the latest in disinfection applications. The zone is available at and includes selected technical articles, Ask the Expert section, related product information and much more.

We believe that together, the Water Disinfection supplement and the Disinfection Zone will provide you a valuable resource of the growing disinfection market.

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