Safe Summer Fun

July 3, 2012

A heat wave is sweeping the U.S. this week, and people nationwide are sure to be hitting the pool for relief from the sweltering temperatures and, of course, for some Fourth of July fun.

With pool season in full swing, it is more crucial than ever to remember the importance of proper pool water treatment and testing. Without it, swimmers risk waterborne infections each time they take a dip.

Recently, the National Swimming Pool Foundation launched an online training course and handbook on recreational water illnesses to educate professionals dealing with any aspect of pools. The course covers not only waterborne microorganisms and the illnesses they cause, but also how to contain and prevent disease outbreaks.

Educational resources such as this can be invaluable—while water treatment professionals already know the risks of untreated water, it is important for everyone involved in managing or maintaining a pool or spa facility to know the importance of water treatment in keeping swimmers safe.

What is your experience with pool or spa water treatment? Let us know at [email protected].

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