Fun & Functional

July 11, 2013

It’s not often that water technologies and art cross paths – but that is exactly what is happening right now in Philadelphia, where an exhibit is showcasing how rain barrels can be more than just pieces of equipment in a yard.

Awareness is rising about the many functional benefits of rain barrels: They help homeowners use less municipal water, reduce water bills and control storm water runoff. But “The Art & Science of Rain Barrels” exhibit, now showing at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Public Information Center in Philadelphia, aims to show visitors that rain barrels can have aesthetic benefits too.

The exhibit features painted rain barrels, as well as information on the science behind them. Additionally, Philadelphia residents can learn how to get a free rain barrel, along with instructions on how to paint their own. The exhibit will run through Sept. 20.

Initiatives like these are great ways to get people excited about water reuse. A project like painting a rain barrel not only inspires fun and community involvement, but also spurs education and conversation about conservation and reuse.

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