When Art & Water Meet

July 17, 2014

Art and water equipment – these are two terms we usually don’t hear used in the same sentence, but there are times when they meet to create the perfect mix of function and fashion. Water Quality Products has covered this on a residential level – painted rain barrels that serve double duty conserving water and beautifying yards – but a new program aims to beautify a whole city by crossing art and water.

Starting this summer, the Water Tank Project will cover the tanks that top New York City’s buildings with artwork by both professional artists and students from the city’s public schools. The aim of the project is not only to raise the attractiveness of city rooftops, but also to raise awareness of global water issues. In addition to the artwork, the program will include education programs, tours and social media campaigns to help the public learn more about water.

If you have any examples of form meeting function when it comes to water, we would love to see them. E-mail us at [email protected] or comment below.

Photo 4645058 © Jennbang | Dreamstime.com
Photo 10945954 © Angelico Jurado | Dreamstime.com
Photo 11479540 © Nelson Alonso | Dreamstime.com
Photo 13444369 © Cammeraydave | Dreamstime.com