Conserving Water, One Sip at a Time

June 26, 2014

A few weeks ago, the Water Quality Products editorial team attended the American Water Works Assn.’s (AWWA) Annual Conference & Exposition. This year, in addition to exploring the exhibits and attending education sessions, I visited the AWWA bookstore, and found some interesting wares for purchase – glassware and accessories featuring the association’s “No Water …” campaign.

The products feature taglines that don’t mince words about the beverages we might miss if we don’t conserve water: “No water, no beer” on pint glasses, “No water, no coffee” on mugs, “No water, no wine” on wine glasses. Not only do these taglines remind us about some of the many ways we enjoy water, placing them on the drinking vessels themselves will ensure that we think about it every time we enjoy those beverages.

A campaign like this one is an ideal way to reach consumers on the topic of water conservation. It is easy for us in the water industry to wax poetic about all the intricacies of water supplies and conservation, only to realize that not everyone gets as excited about these topics as we do. AWWA’s “No Water …” products, however, can show consumers how running out of water could affect them every time they take a sip of their favorite beverage.

What are your ideas on how to teach the general public about water conservation? Let us know in the comments, or e-mail us at [email protected]

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