Ukraine Water Distributor To Finalize World Bank Loan

July 21, 2000

A western Ukraine water distribution company wants to reach an agreement with the World Bank in October for a $24 million loan to modernize water supply systems in a region where only 15 percent of the population have a constant supply of water.

Volodymyr Sulipa, director of the Lvivvodokanal company, said a Ukrainian delegation would fly to Washington in October to sign the loan agreement.

Sulipa also said the Swedish government would grant $6 million and Denmark and Finland governments would give about $2 million each to the company. The water distribution company is the only supplier of water to Lviv, a 800,000 population city, and some parts of the western region.

He said the company would invest $10 million in the five-year project. The World Bank loan and grants from foreign governments would be used to purchase equipment and introduce new technologies, he said.

(Source: Russia Today)

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