DeMarco Receives Approvals For Claims in Second Patent

May 3, 2000
DeMarco Energy Systems has received notice that its second patent application has been approved by the U.S. Patent office. This recent patent is for an invention relating to heat pumps that are thermodynamically balanced to automatically operate at optimum conditions using water and, in this case, gray water systems.

Because this design incorporates the FDA-approved Alfa Laval heat exchanger within the DeMarco Energy Miser system, the potential for cross-contamination is eliminated in all potable water systems.

The second patent was designed to utilize gray water from private, public or other types of managed secondary water lines with the DeMarco Energy Miser heating and cooling system. Gray water is defined as treated sewer water that falls below the standards of drinking water. For many years, gray water has been used in secondary water systems for watering lawns, charging fire hydrants, and serving other non-potable water applications. Only recently have secondary water systems been given greater consideration, due to increasing water shortages.

The DeMarco Energy Miser is designed to perform well in any managed water system, saving consumers as much as seventy percent off their heating and cooling bill. The system is available for both residential and commercial applications and also works in potable water, reuse water, and other similar managed water systems.

(SOURCE: Business Wire)

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