Arsenic-Free Water Done Cheaply

July 27, 2000

A new technology has been established for producing arsenic-free water at a cost of about $.02 per 1000 liters.

"The technology is now available for use to assist those countries like Bangladesh with arsenic in their water," W Roo Dive, Managing Director of Australian Ultra-Violet Products Manufacturing Pty Ltd. Said.

Dive said his company has been collaborating with the Australian Nuclear Science Technology Organization (ANSTO) to optimize an advanced ultraviolet photo catalyzed process for removal of arsenic and other metals from water used for drinking and industrial purpose.

"A new and world patented process "Photo-Ox" using the ultraviolet water disinfection systems leads to the removal of arsenic from water," Dive said.

He informed that Bangladesh Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief had appreciated the ANSTO Advanced Oxidation Process for arsenic removal and is now in the process of assessing various parameters for an arsenic removal program to proceed.

"Bangladesh would be the first country to have the technology," he added.

The UV systems, to be marketed in Bangladesh by Australian Marketing and Development Co. Ltd. (AMDC), allow any household and industrial user to kill all of the bacteria, viruses and harmful parasites.

"The UV chamber is simply connected to the main water flow to the house or factory and all the water passing through the chamber has ultraviolet light passed through it, killing all the harmful bacteria and viruses," Dive said.

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