Pentair Launches E-Commerce Site in India

Aug. 11, 2000
Pentair, Inc.'s Water Technologies Group launched an e-commerce website to increase its already substantial water purification business in the rapidly growing economies of Asia.

The site, e-watershop India (, is designed to be an electronic shopping store for Pentair's water products. It will also serve as a reference source for information about the importance of clean, potable water to consumers, public health agencies and industry. The site presents a wide range of products that can be ordered directly from the website and are increasingly in demand for water treatment and purification applications in India and other expanding economies in Asia.

The site is expected to serve Pentair's existing customers more effectively and efficiently while broadening its customer base in India and other Asian countries. "With economies rapidly expanding, the need for purified water is growing exponentially throughout Asia," said Richard J. Cathcart, president of Pentair's Water Technologies Group. "Pentair anticipates that e-watershop India will be a major player in meeting this demand for products and information."

Expecting strong initial success of e-watershop India, Pentair already plans to launch a second e-watershop in the fall to serve Taiwan, China and Southeast Asia. This site will support a new distribution center in Taiwan scheduled to open this fall.

In addition, Pentair will open by the end of the year an e-commerce website serving Italy to expand business for the Water Technologies Group in Europe. The site complements a major distribution center in Milan and will offer products and services in several languages.

(Source: Pentair, Inc.)

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