Pentair Unit Awarded Patent for Submersible Pump Motor Innovation

March 2, 2001

Pentair announced today that its Fairbanks Morse unit has received a government patent for a newly developed submersible pump motor with a unique cooling method that allows it to operate continuously out of the water without overheating.

Traditional submersible pumps use the fluid in which they are immersed as a coolant. The new Fairbanks Morse closed-loop system contains a cooling medium that is constantly circulated around the motor. The new system, granted patent number #6,121,698 by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, contains a circulating impeller, a heat exchange plate, a jacket surrounding the motor housing, and an expansion chamber that maintains a constant pressure.

"Pumps with the new motor can be mounted in dry areas for ease of observation and maintenance, although these areas often are prone to flooding," said James H. Sexton, director of development engineering for Fairbanks Morse. "The built-in submersible feature allows the pumping unit to continue to function during the flooding, thus providing continuous environmental protection."

Source: Pentair, Inc.

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