Millennium Chemicals Selects Vivendi Water

May 23, 2001
P> Millennium Chemicals Inc. has chosen Vivendi Water, a subsidiary of Vivendi Environment to neutralize and convert its industrial effluent in France. This contract, covering the design, construction and operation of effluent treatment plants at sites in Thann (Asia) and LE Havre (Normandy), is the largest such contract ever signed in France in the area of industrial effluent management.

This partnership supports Millennium's strategic direction to work its assets harder for better profitability by finding synergies and alliances that forward operational excellence, reduce operating costs and demonstrate Millennium's commitment to environmental stewardship. As part of Millennium's Responsible Care efforts the key objective of this project is to continually improve the environment performance of the Company's French facilities at Thann and Le Harve. It is expected that a reduction in operating costs of approximately 10 percent for both plants will be realized. In addition, at the Le Harve facility the water treatment process will completely eliminate wastewater discharge into the sea.

When titanium dioxide, a white pigment used in the paint, plastic, paper and textile industries, is manufactures, acidic effluents are produced. Neutralizing these effluents produces red gypsum, which must currently be stored. The contact with Vivendi Water will allow Millennium to reduce the quantity of gypsum stored, and to begin producing white gypsum, which can be sold for use in the manufacture of plaster.

"As part of our commitment to Responsible Care we strive for continuous environmental improvements in our operations," stressed Michel Pajot, Millennium Chemical's Strategic Alliances Director. "We chose Vivendi Water as a partner because of the innovation solutions they bring to the project, and because they provide all the skills required for our project in one single source of supply.

With regard to Vivendi Water, this partnership covers

  • Designing and building a new gypsum conversion unit at Thann and extending unit at Le Havre. This will allow all effluents to be neutralized.
  • Operating all existing units and the two new units over a minimum period of ten years. The partnership means the transfer of some staff to Vivendi Water-Generale des Eaux; this has been done on a voluntary basis, and the 21 people involved at the two sites have accepted.

Source: Millennium Chemical

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