3045 Corporation Acquires H20 International, Changes Name

Jan. 24, 2001

The 3045 Corporation has announced the acquisition of H20 International, Inc. and has changed its own name to Floran International, Inc. – to better reflect its proposed new business.

H20 International, Inc. is an Illinois corporation organized to promote the licensing and distribution of products/technologies used in the cleaning and disinfection of water storage and delivery systems. It has been assigned a license agreement with Floran Technologies to use, market, and distribute Floran's products and technologies. In this effort, H20 International currently is in contract negotiations with engineering firms, water treatment specialists, and municipalities worldwide.

Floran Technologies currently is utilizing non-chlorine technologies for complete removal of mineral deposits and biofilms in water delivery systems.

The 3045 Corporation recently appointed Fred Jarosz, Terry L. Pancake, Dennis Gorden, Dr. Javaid Sheik, and G. Bryan Thomas to its board of directors – all of whom are board members of H2O International, Inc. In addition, H20 International approved a forward split of the common stock 10-1 effective January 9th, 2001.

Source: Business Wire

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