Rhino Ecosystems' Wet Waste Interceptor Introduced to Southwest U.S.

July 2, 2001
P>Ontario, Canada (June 27, 2001) - Rhino Ecosystems Inc. reported

dealership growth as a result of its participation in the Las Vegas

International Hotel & Restaurant Show June 21-22.

"The overall response of participants to Rhino's complete product line of

Wet Waste Interceptors displayed was quite positive," stated President and

Chief Executive Officer Mark Wiertzema. He said this event represented the

Canadian company's introduction of its products into the Southwest and that

many potential customers and dealership candidates visited the Rhino booth

from all around North America.

During the Las Vegas trade show, two new California companies were added to

the ever-growing Rhino dealership family: Specification Products Inc. in

Hayward and Restquip Inc. in San Francisco. Four companies for the Las

Vegas area showed strong dealership interest and final closing of the

dealership agreements is expected within two weeks. For a current list of

Rhino dealership locations, or for more information on the company's

products and services: www.rhinoeco.com or call toll free 1-877-746-6224.

The Rhino Ecosystems Inc. Wet Waste Interceptor provides an inexpensive

solution for restaurants, hotels, and food-related industries to dispose of

wet waste solids with considerable benefits from both a health and

conservation perspective.

Source: Rhino Ecosystems Inc.

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