Survey Shows a Majority of Americans Will

May 23, 2001
> With Memorial Day weekend kicking off the start of summer, people will be looking for ways to stay cool, refreshed and most importantly- hydrated. And to do so, 63 percent of Americans will choose to drink bottled water this summer according to a survey conducted for the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) by Wirthlin Worldwide. Of the consumers surveyed, 28 percent said they would likely drink bottled water outdoors at places such as the beach or at the park.

But even though consumers choose bottled water for its good taste and convenience, the majority is unaware that bottled water is subject to federal, state and industry standards to ensure its safety and quality. The survey indicates that three out of four Americans (73 percent) remain unaware that bottled water is stringently regulated.

"In bottled water, consumers can rely on high-quality food product, fully regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration," says Stephen Kay, IBWA vice president of communications. "And as consumers enter the summer months, they can count on bottled water as a refreshing, hydrating beverage."

Hydration is not only important in the summer months, but all year round. The key to proper hydration is "getting your water to go." Whether exercising, playing at the park, or relaxing, remember to keep water nearby. Your body uses water to carry nutrients and oxygen to all the cells in your body, convert food into energy, and regulate your body temperature. By incorporating more water in your day, you will be aiding your bodies' natural functions to help keep you moving this summer and all year through.

The survey is based on the national quorum conducted by Wirthlin Worldwide. The twice-monthly omnibus survey is stratified by census region and weighted to represent the U.S. population's gender, education and ethnicity composure.

Source: International Bottled Water Association

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