Yeast, Mold Found In One Brand of Bottled Water

Aug. 27, 2001

Discovery of yeast and mold in bottled water has caused the manufacturer to recall one of its brands, according to Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture Tommy Irvin.

Elan Natural Waters of Blairsville, Georgia, has voluntarily recalled Elan Natural Waters Natural Drinking Water after laboratory tests indicated the presence of yeast and mold, which makes the water unfit for human consumption.

Union County Bottlers in Blairsville bottled the products for Elan Natural Waters. The water was packaged in 500 milliliter bottles with pull-up tops. All bottles have package codes that begin with 1FAF1.

"Our inspectors are checking store shelves to make sure this product is removed. As a precautionary measure we will be testing other water bottled at this facility that is in distribution channels to make sure there is no other contamination," said Commissioner Irvin.

Anyone who has bought the product may return it to the place of purchase for a refund.

Source: Business Wire

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