Tame the pH Spike With pH Stable Activated Carbon

Sept. 18, 2001

Envirotrol, Inc., has developed a proprietary technique (patent pending) called the NoRise(TM) process that eliminates the associated pH rise inherent in nearly all aqueous phase activated carbon products. The NoRise process was developed by Envirotrol to meet the needs of a wide range of activated carbon users, from municipalities to groundwater and surface water treatment applications of all types. Envirotrol has already been awarded contracts for well over 1 million pounds of this proprietary activated carbon product since its release in late 2000.

Envirotrol has tested the NoRise carbons on a wide variety of applications with stunning results. Traditionally, even competitive pH stable carbons will elicit a pH rise from 1 to 2.0 pH units. The NoRise brand carbons have been rigorously tested and no pH rise has yet been associated with the use of the product in treating both groundwater and surface water. The pH stability ensures that activated carbon users can discharge water directly from their carbon adsorbers into either other processes or into the environment without concerns of an abnormally high pH. High pH can foul resin beds in pure water applications, cause violations with regulatory permitting authorities and hinder downstream treatment technologies.

Envirotrol will unveil this new technology to the activated carbon industry on September 20, 2001, at the International Activated Carbon Conference in Pittsburgh, Pa. Attendees from the activated carbon industry, major activated carbon users and academia from around the world will be present at this event.

The NoRise process can be applied to any carbon, either virgin or reactivated, thus a wide range of activities and mesh size carbon are available. Additionally, the NoRise process can be combined with Envirotrol's custom segregated reactivation to ensure that a smooth start-up of each fresh bed of activated carbon ensues.

Source: Envirotrol, Inc.

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