Alamo Water Refiners Founder Dies at Age 58

Oct. 8, 2001
Huette "Sonny" Cammack, born April 23, 1943, passed away in his sleep at home on September 30, 2001. He is survived by a brother, Addison Cammack, (Chicago, IL), son, John Dan Cammack (San Antonio, TX), three stepchildren, six grandchildren, one great-grandchild, and many friends.

Sonny was the founder of Alamo Water Refiners, Inc. He established the company for retail water conditioning equipment sales in 1965. In 1978, the retail business was discontinued and Alamo Water became a manufacturer and wholesaler to the entire water treatment market. In August 2000 the company became a member of the Marmon Group of Chicago IL, and it was subsequently merged with Matt-Son, Inc. and Ecodyne Water Treatment, Inc. on January 1, 2001.

Sonny was a founding member of the TWQA and served as its President and on many committees. Also very active in the WQA, he was on the Board of Directors for six years. He wrote many articles for the water treatment publications and he was a guest speaker at many presentations.

Jo Grace, Executive Director of TWQA, says, "Sonny never forgot his humble beginnings and was always there to share his expertise, knowledge and experience with the new man on the block as well as the people and businesses that had grown up with him. The water conditioning industry has lost a stalwart supporter and we have all lost a valuable friend. The finest memorial we can give him will be to honor his legacy."

Ian Knapp, President of Alamo Water Refiners, met Sonny for the first time and came to know him well when the Marmon Group began the negotiations that led to the purchase of Alamo Water. He recalls, "In all I worked with Sonny for less than two years but, because it was Sonny, it feels like I've known him much longer. He had an incomparable way of making people feel welcome and at home. Sonny was my chief advisor after Alamo was purchased, more like a big brother guiding me through unfamiliar territory. His boots can't be filled, but we will all work to make this Alamo the best memorial that we can to the man who started it all."

Source: Alamo Water Refiners, The Marmon Group

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