Innova Develops Water Bottle Filter to Remove Anthrax Spores

Nov. 7, 2001

Innova Pure Water, Inc. has developed a personal, biological water filter capable of removing anthrax spores. Independent tests conducted by the University of South Florida have proven the Innova filter can remove more than 99.999999% (8 log of a non-pathogenic surrogate) of anthrax spores.

"Development of the Innova biological filters has been underway for several years, stimulated by the need for microbial protection among outdoorsmen and throughout the world's developing nations," said John E. Nohren, Jr., chairman and founder of the company. "We quietly introduced the filter more than two months ago at an outdoors trade show in Utah."

The filter fits easily into a portable sport bottle and can treat up to 75 gallons of water. In addition to anthrax spores, the filter removes other bacteria, cysts and protozoa that have been found in drinking water. The filter will be priced between $39 and $49.

Distribution of the new filters to specific mass merchants and outdoor retailers will begin in December. Other models are being developed for the military as well as for international applications to prevent waterborne diseases.

"In the wake of recent volatility in Innova's stock price and trading volume, and the growing public demand for safe, pure drinking water due to the anthrax scare, management deemed it necessary to make immediate disclosure of the groundbreaking breakthrough and our marketing and distribution plans," Nohren said.

Innova Pure Water, founded in 1985, is active in consumer water treatment technology with more than 30 relevant patents. Innova is based in Clearwater, Florida.

Source: PR Newswire

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