California DWR Announces 2002 Dry Year Water Purchase Program

Nov. 19, 2001
The California Department of Water Resources is initiating a 2002 Dry Year Water Purchase Program to help public agencies throughout California supplement their water supplies if 2002 is dry. While it is too soon to tell if this winter will be wet, dry or about average, some agencies have already expressed interest in such a program after experiencing dry conditions in 2001.

During 2001, some areas of California experienced water deficiencies. DWR responded by implementing the 2001 Dry Year Water Purchase Program, that secured 138,800 acre-feet of water from willing sellers in Northern California, and provided it to eight water agencies throughout the State to help offset their water shortage conditions.

The 2002 Program will allow agencies that enter the Program by November 30, 2001 to request DWR to obtain options for water that would be exercisable by March 2002 if next year turns out dry. The Program also plans to allow agencies that sign up prior to the end of March 2002 to participate in direct purchases of water provided by willing sellers through DWR. The Program is intended to reduce the possibility of adverse economic impacts and hardship associated with water shortages, and is open to all agencies whether or not they are State Water Project contractors.

Interested participants, both prospective purchasers and sellers, should send proposals to Teresa Geimer at: Department of Water Resources, State Water Project Analysis Office, P.O. Box 942836, Sacramento, CA 94236-0001.

Proposals may be faxed to Ms. Geimer at (916) 653-9628. Her telephone number is (916) 653-4547.

The Department of Water Resources operates and maintains the State Water Project, provides dam safety and flood control and inspection services, assists local water districts in water management and water conservation planning, and plans for future statewide water needs.

Source: Business Wire

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