Nature's Sunshine Obtains Exclusive Rights to Ozone Water Purifier

Nov. 15, 2001

Nature's Sunshine Products, Inc., a manufacturer and marketer of encapsulated herbs and vitamins since 1972, said today that it has obtained exclusive worldwide rights to market a four-stage, ozone water purifier.

The four stages of the Nature's Spring Ozone Purifier include a patented, thermally bonded micro-fiber prefilter, a high-quality activated carbon filter, a corona discharge ozone generator and patented mixing baffle, and a final carbon polishing filter which removes excess ozone at the end of the process. The polishing filter can be easily removed from the unit so that ozonated water can be produced to wash foods. Each unit has a liquid crystal display that informs users of the current status of all functions. The purifier has been fully tested and carries Underwriters Laboratory Approval.

The company also said it has obtained exclusive rights to Ozone Fresh, a compact ozone-producing unit designed for use in refrigerators. This unit, powered by four "D" batteries, is effective in reducing the amount of airborne molds and bacteria in refrigerated foods, thus helping to remove odors and extend the shelf life of foods.

"Studies performed by leading independent laboratories on the Nature's Spring Ozone Purifier have shown it to be an effective method of killing bacteria, viruses and parasites as well as removing pesticides, chlorine and other toxic contaminates due to its patented construction," said Gregory R. Halliday, vice president of U.S. sales and marketing. "We are very excited about its potential."

While ozone is more powerful than chlorine in eliminating organisms, it is commonly used by water bottlers and modern water treatment plants to purify water. "Since ozone quickly reverts back to oxygen, it is most effective when the water is treated at the final point of use, such as in the home," commented Daniel P. Howells, chief executive officer. "This innovative product, together with our reverse osmosis water purifier, will allow Nature's Sunshine Products to continue as a leader in home water purification devices."

Both the Nature's Spring Ozone Purifier and Ozone Fresh refrigerator unit are available for purchase through the company's independent distributors.

Source: Businesswire

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