Knowledge Networks, Inc., Announces Intent to Acquire Essentia Water, Inc.

Nov. 30, 2001

Knowledge Networks, Inc., announced has signed a Letter of Intent to acquire Essentia Water, Inc. whose products currently are being distributed in 40 states and is projecting year-end revenues of $2,900,000. Essentia Water also has a very aggressive 2-year roll-up plan to acquire bottling plants across the country.

Essentia Water is the leader in the field of enhanced bottled water. The firm's flagship product, Essentia Water, is the only one of its kind in the market today. Unlike source waters (spring, glacier, mountain, etc.), Essentia, using its unique process, removes all foreign minerals and contaminants commonly known as TDS (total dissolved solids) that survive standard filtration.

Essentia specifications require water to be purified to less than three parts per million (ppm) TDS. Some source waters have been tested and contain over 100 times more TDS than Essentia Water. The amount and class of TDS found in source water as compared to Essentia Water will change from bottle to bottle giving little consistency to the water taste and profile. Essentia is always smooth tasting, healthful and refreshing.

Once Essentia Water is purified, a proprietary pure electrolyte formulation is added. This formulation contains vital pure minerals including calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and bicarbonates. Compared to source water, these minerals can be easily assimilated by the body. Additionally, the proprietary formulation is tasteless, colorless, odorless and water soluble.

After the electrolytes have been added, the purified water runs through our proprietary Ionic Separation Technology. This technology separates the water's alkaline ions (negative charged) from the acidic ions (positive charged). Essentia bottles only the alkaline water we call "negative charged." Essentia water has a pH level to +9.5 compared to source water having an average pH level of 7.0.

In unrelated matters, Knowledge Networks, Inc. has decided to terminate the merger of Proton Laboratories LLC.

Source: Knowledge Networks, Inc.

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