Spectrum Arabieh Announces New Desalination Technology

May 3, 2000
Spectrum-Arabieh offers a new laser technology water treatment system that uses ocean waters to meet drinking and irrigation demands. After twenty years of research and development, PIMA Desalination Photonic Ionization, Manipulation and Augmentation now provides a cost effective seawater desalination process.

The PIMA system uses two-thirds less electricity and 85 percent fewer chemicals. Because it is relatively inexpensive to produce, it can be utilized for agriculture and industry as well as for drinking.

Recently, the World Health Organization revealed statistics that over 2 billion people worldwide do not have access to an adequate supply of fresh drinking water. In addition, there are at least 85 countries that suffer with a water crisis for other uses.

Using this technology, which is carried on tankers and barges, every country in the world can have access to fresh water. Ships will be deployed to any area where water emergencies exist.

(SOURCE: Business Wire)

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