Sierra Club Opposes Mandatory Drinking Water Fluoridation

Feb. 8, 2002

As the controversy over water fluoridation continues to swirl over the entire state of New Hampshire, a leading national environmental organization, the Sierra Club, announced its opposition to mandatory fluoridation.

Water fluoridation, once thought of as a safe way to reduce cavities, is now being critically questioned by a variety of governments and scientific sources. Their concerns include newly discovered health risks and negative environmental impacts. The human rights issue of forced medication also is being questioned.

The Sierra Club position cites "... valid concerns regarding the potential adverse impact of fluoridation on the environment, wildlife and human health." It also recommends "a national review of the effects of fluoridation on the environment and on public health be undertaken."

The local chapter of Sierra Club recently asked San Francisco to perform an Environmental Impact Report as 50 tons of toxic chemicals added to fluoridate the water every year would accumulate in the ecologically sensitive San Francisco Bay.

The New Hampshire legislature, which is considering fluoridation, is organizing a "study committee to reevaluate the health benefits and risks from fluoridation of water in New Hampshire."

On January 8, 2002, the controversy erupted when Brook Dupee, the Assistant Director of the Office of Community and Public Health, advised the state legislature to oppose HB 1135 because fluoride is perfectly safe even in dosages 25 times of the EPA maximum exposure level. Much to the surprise of many, the fluoridated water delivered to 140 million Americans use chemical "silicofluorides" which have never been tested for safety by either state or federal agencies.

Dupee's statements inflamed other professionals that cited the inaccuracy of many of his claims. As a result of such difficulties in informing decision-makers and the public, the Department of Government at Dartmouth College will sponsor a public seminar at 7:30 PM on Feb 14th to discuss the science and risks of fluoridation. The meeting, at Hinman Forum in Rockefeller Hall, is intended to give knowledgeable sources from both sides of the controversy an opportunity to speak.

Dr. Roger Masters, Myron J. Coplan and Dr. Hardy Limeback, Past President of the Canadian Association of Dental Research are featured speakers.

Masters said he doesn't expect proponents to show up as they have previously been embarrassed by the lack of any credible evidence supporting their claims.

In a disturbing twist, the American Dental Association recently obtained a web site in the hopes of confusing and redirecting people who try to find, a web site run by those advocating a scientific review of fluoridation in light of new scientific developments.

Source: Mountain View Citizens For Safe Drinking Water

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