NSF International Offers New Consumer-focused Certification Mark

Feb. 12, 2002
NSF International (www.nsf.org), The Public Health and Safety Company(tm), has enhanced its public health and safety services by offering a new consumer-focused mark for manufacturers to place on their certified products. NSF is a leader in standards development, product certification, education and risk-management services for public health and safety.

The new mark includes the circular NSF logo, along with the words "independently certified" and the NSF web site (www.nsf.org). Manufacturers of NSF-certified consumer products such as dietary supplements, drinking water treatment units, bottled water and residential equipment, may voluntarily adopt the new consumer mark for their certified products.

The NSF Mark on certified products has always signified quality and safety among public health officials and industry stakeholders. The new mark extends that reputation to the consumer market, creating a consistent, easily recognized label for certified consumer products such as dietary supplements, drinking water treatment units, bottled water and residential equipment. The "Independently Certified" designation lets consumers know that the manufacturer has voluntarily sought independent, third-party certification for the product. Manufacturers of these certified products have taken steps beyond the minimum requirements to assure the quality and safety of their products.

NSF third-party certification programs provide manufacturers with independent testing to evaluate their products against internationally accepted standards. NSF grants certification to products that meet the criteria in the standards and allows manufacturers to place the NSF mark on certified products. Certified products are also listed on the NSF web site at www.nsf.org and in printed NSF listing books.

"The NSF Mark has been highly respected by manufacturers and industry leaders throughout its 57-year history," said Dennis R. Mangino, Ph.D., NSF President and Chief Executive Officer. "NSF is pleased to offer its customers an enhanced mark that more clearly communicates to consumers the value of NSF certification."

Source: NSF

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