Versar, Inc., to Conduct Virtual Seminar on Water Systems Vulnerability to Terrorist Attack

March 14, 2002

Versar, Inc., and the Public Risk Management Association (PRIMA) will conduct a "virtual seminar" entitled "Water Systems: An Assessment of Vulnerability and Methods for Reducing Risks." The seminar is sponsored in part by Munich American Risk Partners.

The seminar is scheduled for Tuesday, March 26, 2002, and will be conducted by senior Versar Homeland Security staff. Detailed information on the virtual seminar may be accessed at, or via link to Versar's website at

Water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants and distribution systems are potentially vulnerable to a terrorist attack. Water treatment plants were singled out on target lists found in caves and bunkers in Afghanistan. The potential for the use of chemical and biological agents makes these facilities high profile targets.

Participation in this session will provide the audience member with an overview of the water systems vulnerability assessment process, an overview of potential threats and methods of attack, a checklist for municipalities to use to address overall water systems vulnerability and preparedness and lessons learned from recent assessments conducted by Versar at a major municipality.

"Protecting America's water supply is one of our country's highest priorities. Versar is a leader in helping water and wastewater systems analyze their exposure to terrorist threats. We have devised innovative strategies that are assisting clients in reducing their vulnerability, particularly against chemical and biological weapons," said Dr. Theodore Prociv, president and CEO of Versar.

Source: Versar, Inc.

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