British Water Company Pays £1.2m for Negligence

Aug. 14, 2000

Eight employees of North West Water in Great Britain have won £1.2 million in compensation after contracting Vibration White Finger while working for the company.

The men, all from Meseyside, were suspended from their duties in 1998 when they contracted the condition, and 18 months later they were dismissed on the grounds of ill health. Despite promises of re-training, they were not offered alternative jobs.

The GMB said that during legal proceedings North West Water admitted negligence in exposing the workers to excessive vibration while they operated machinery.

GMB utilities spokesman Brian Strutton said: "This is a victory for working people. Last year North West Water made profits in excess of £300 million and this award is justice for those workers who helped generate those profits, only to be repaid by crippling injury as a result of North West Water's negligence."

Vibration White Finger causes loss of feeling, loss of grip and constant pain. Their fingers and hands also bleed where the skin is split.

(Source: Ananova, Ltd.)

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