NSF Named Exclusive Third-Party Certifier for ABINAM Bottled Water Association

Jan. 18, 2002
NSF International (www.nsf.org) has signed an agreement with Associaçao Brasileira da Industria de Áquas Minerais (ABINAM) to provide certification services and audits to its 240 Brazil-based bottled water manufacturers. NSF is a world leader in standards development, product certification, education and risk-management services for public health and safety.

NSF is now the exclusive provider of consultative audits and third-party certification services for ABINAM members. These services are provided under the NSF Bottled Water Certification Program. The program certifies that bottling facilities meet international Codex Alimentarius and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) requirements, and that the water meets chemical, radiological and microbiological requirements.

"These days, businesses must think globally in order to be competitive. Our partnership with NSF aligns us with the world leader in third-party certification and will raise ABINAM water bottlers' quality control to the level of their NSF-certified counterparts around the world," said Carlos Alberto Lancia, President of ABINAM. "ABINAM members' certification will also help create a competitive market for high-quality bottled water within Brazil and in international markets."

"We are proud to be selected as ABINAM's sole third-party certifier and look forward to working with them to foster continuous quality improvements in Brazil's bottled water quality," said Mark Jost, Vice President, NSF Certification. "Our partnership with ABINAM demonstrates our commitment to worldwide water quality and public health."

Brazil holds fifteen percent of the world's fresh water supply. Approximately 30 percent of that water is natural underground mineral water, the source for virtually all of the bottled water produced in Brazil.

ABINAM is an association of 240 Brazil-based bottled water companies. Headquartered in Sào Paulo, ABINAM was founded 70 years ago, and is one of the oldest bottled water associations in the world.

Source: NSF

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