Envirotrol Receives Patent for Oxidation Resistant Activated Carbon

Aug. 8, 2002
Announces Complete LoRise Product Line

Envirotrol Inc. announced they have received a U.S. patent for technology that makes activated carbon resistant to oxidation and therefore can inhibit activated carbon bed-fires.

This patent covers the technology underlying the production of the oxidation resistant carbon as well as the activated carbon product produced via this process. Envirotrol Inc. has named this carbon and process LoRise. The LoRise technology is specifically geared toward vapor phase activated carbon applications where users are concerned that the heat of adsorption coupled with the oxidizability of the contaminants would cause bed- fires within the carbon adsorber. The LoRise technology retards this oxidation and allows users to operate their beds more efficiently and within the guidelines of safe engineering practices.

The patent was issued to Robert G. Roodman, Envirotrol's Vice President of Technology and Quality. "This technology goes a long way in helping vapor phase activated carbon users achieve the highest level of safety possible while not sacrificing performance or efficiency," commented Mr. Roodman on the newly awarded patent.

Many vapor phase activated carbon users experience temperature excursions as a result of the physical property of the heat of adsorption coupled with the oxidation of the organic chemicals adsorbed into the bed. These temperature excursions range from benign warming of the vessel to devastating bed-fires that can cause serious damage to equipment and/or personnel. Envirotrol has commercially tested the LoRise(TM) technology in a wide range of carbon applications, with stunning success, including pollution control, petroleum refining, chemical manufacturing and tank vent treatment systems.

Vice President of Sales and Marketing Bill Zinsser commented that "none of our current competitors have a product like LoRise, therefore Envirotrol has a tremendous advantage with the numerous vapor phase carbon customers who have experienced these temperature excursions."

Envirotrol's LoRise products are available in a wide range of mesh sizes and packages and Envirotrol can also provide the LoRise process to reactivated vapor phase carbons.

Source: Envirotrol Inc.

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