AqWise - Wise Water Technologies to Raise $3 Million

Oct. 18, 2002
AqWise Announced Agreement with Major Water Systems Provider USFilter

Israeli start-up AqWise - Wise Water Technologies Ltd., of Netanya, has opened a $3 million fundraising round intended to expand marketing and R&D activities.

AqWise is a research-oriented company specializing in biological fixed biofilm processes for wastewater treatment. AqWise is owned by Polar Investments, one of Israel's leading investment companies, and the chemicals production conglomerate Israel Chemicals (ICL).

Earlier this week, USFilter and AqWise announced an agreement to promote marketing and sales of AqWise's Attached Growth Airlift Reactor (AGAR) technology to the municipal and industrial wastewater treatment industry in the US and Canada (see the attached news release, published by USFilter).

AGAR process provides a high Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) removal rate and intensive nitrogen removal. The process, which using airlift hydraulics, can be used to upgrade existing wastewater treatment plants and treat bio-degradable industrial wastewater. AqWise currently operates a commercial demo installation in Hadera city, in Northern Israel.

Source: AqWise