Gold Bar to Convert Edmonton Weed Bed to Flourishing Lake

Oct. 16, 2002
New Demonstration Wastewater Plant Will Treat City Sewage and Reuse Water to Rejuvenate Neighbouring Parkland

ZENON's membrane technology will treat wastewater from Edmonton's Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment plant for reuse in a dry weed-filled pond in Gold Bar Park. The treated water also will be used as internal recycle water in the plant with the City looking to expand usage to include local irrigation.

The Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment plant, located on the outskirts of Edmonton along the south shore of the North Saskatchewan River, is adjacent to two underused city parks. Currently, the facility treats nearly 100,000 million litres of wastewater per day. In September, City council decided to upgrade and modernize the existing plant using membrane technology. They purchased ZENON's MBR (membrane bioreactor) system as the initial demonstration unit with a view to evaluating a larger full-scale system.

One of the main objectives of the new plant will be to revitalize the pond in Gold Bar Park, which has turned into a weed-bed over the years. The new created lake, to be filled with tap water this fall, will be filled with membrane-filtered water a year from now.

This is the first project of its kind in Canada to date. The ZENON demonstration plant is expected to be on line by the spring of 2003.

Source: ZENON