Apr 04, 2011

HQ Hometek Introduces Dual Action Water System for Homes

Product combines technologies to prevent limescale and purify water

HQ Hometek, the U.S. distributor of HydroCare, has developed the compact Dual Action Water System that integrates the advanced technologies of HydroCare for the elimination of limescale with advanced purification media for a total water solution in a home.

The Dual Action System solves water quality concerns of homeowners, namely the major water impurities and limescale buildup. The company focused on providing a solution that was effective, easy to install, maintenance free, compact and affordable.

The HydroCare module eliminates and prevents the limescale buildup inside appliances, fixture and pipes, that can reduce their effectiveness and lifespan. Limescale insulates heating elements, wasting energy to heat water. In addition, corrosion and scale can break down appliances and pipes, resulting in repairs and early replacement. HydroCare utilizes a patented radio wave technology that transmits a strong signal throughout the entire house and is not flow dependent. It keeps the minerals that cause scale buildup in suspension, preventing them from adhering to surfaces. The technology has been adopted into the model energy-efficient home featured in the National Builder Show as the limescale solution that meets the Green Building Energy Guidelines.

The water purification technologies in the system have been designed to include multiple high performance media in dual canisters with parallel flow. The large canisters double the surface area. The parallel flow increases the contact time of water exposure to the media, maximizing the catalytic reactivity and purification efficiencies, without any drop in pressure. The system utilizes a proprietary blend of several advanced purification media and processes including electrochemical, catalytic, filtration and adsorption that function symbiotically to enhance their performance.