Hydranautics’ LFC3 Elements Chosen for RO Expansion

Hydranautics was selected to supply LFC3 membranes for the Votorantim Celulose e Papel (VCP) plant. VCP is one of the largest pulp and paper mills in Brazil, undergoing an expansion that will increase their production of pulp to 880,000 tons per year, with a total investment of $550 million. With the award of this project, Hydranautics will have over 80% of the RO membranes installed in the Votorantim Group in Brazil.

The VCP plant currently has RO system with 6 trains producing a total of 300 m3/h of demineralized water used for boiler feed. Hydranautics supplied membranes for 3 of the 6 trains. Now with the plant expansion, Hydranautics will provide 420 LFC3 elements for 7 trains totaling 350 m3/hour.

Hydranautics provided LFC3 elements for field trials during 3 months in a head to head comparison with elements from a competitor. After the 3 month performance tests, Hydranautics’ new low fouling high performance LFC3 membranes were selected as the best membrane for the project. Hydranautics LFC3 elements showed better permeate water quality, low cleaning frequency and have 10% more element area compared to the competition. Along with offering the membrane with the best performance available for the project, Hydranautics was also selected for their service to VCP.


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