Hydranautics Contributes to Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort

City of San Antonio, Hydranautics and Avista Technologies Provide Portable RO Unit to Communities Impacted by Hurricane Katrina

Hydranautics, the global leader in membrane technology, provided 48 CPA-400 filtration membranes to the City of San Antonio’s reverse osmosis trailer that was be sent to the Gulf Region shortly after Hurricane Katrina hit. The RO (Reverse Osmosis) unit can provide a minimum of 100 gal per minute of purified water for potable use. Hydranautics came on board the effort right away, eager to assist with the disaster relief efforts. Avista Technologies, another Southern California based company, generously supplied chemicals for pretreatment to the RO membranes.

The quick response in this time of crisis is the gratifying result of close business and personal relationships between the three entities – proving again that the global water industry is a small world with close ties and a commitment to providing clean water for everyone.

“Hydranautics and parent company Nitto Denko want to acknowledge the opportunity to team up with the City of San Antonio and Avista Technologies to donate Hydranautics’ membrane elements for a reverse osmosis water purification unit to assist the Hurricane Katrina ravaged citizens of New Orleans,” said Hydranautics COO Upen Bharwada.

The donated CPA-400 elements provide 99.3% nominal salt rejection (99% minimum) and produce 11,000 gal per day of ultrapure water, making them ideal for use in the portable water filtration trailer which will be treating both surface and well water.


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