Hydrogen Peroxide-Ozone System Removes Contaminants From Water

Water purification system removes contaminants from well and surface waters using hydrogen peroxide, ozone and UF technologies

Clean Water Systems and Stores Inc. eroxide-ozone water treatment systems

Clean Water Systems has introduced its new line of easy-to-install peroxide-ozone water treatment systems with ultrafiltration (UF) to meet the needs of homeowners and small communities with contaminated well waters.

The new type of hydrogen peroxide water treatment system is called Peroxone-UF-2.0. It combines hydrogen peroxide injection, ozone, catalytic activated carbon and custom UF membranes to provide a complete disinfection and filtration system requiring minimal maintenance.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), "EPA regulates public water systems; it does not have the authority to regulate private drinking water wells. Approximately 15% of Americans rely on their own private drinking water supplies, and these supplies are not subject to EPA standards, although some state and local governments do set rules to protect users of these wells. Unlike public drinking water systems serving many people, they do not have experts regularly checking the water’s source and its quality before it is sent to the tap. These households must take special precautions to ensure the protection and maintenance of their drinking water supplies."

Rivers, lakes and reservoirs cover nearly 40 million acres of the U.S. and often supply private water systems as their primary water sources. These sources can contain organic material, turbidity, color, bacteria, Giardia, Cryptosporidium and other parasites.

By treating the water with peroxide, ozone and UF, customers report crystal-clear, odor-free, disinfected water low in turbidity, even when the untreated raw water has high levels of bacteria, organic matter, color, turbidity, tannin, iron and other contaminants.

The combination of peroxide and ozone is a much faster process than ozone injection alone, and after the contact tank, no ozone residual typically remains. The peroxone technology has been used to treat volatile organic compounds, petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, munitions, diesel fuel, toluene, methyl tertiary butyl ether, benzene, ethylbenzene and xylene in water.

This combination of peroxide and ozone injection followed by a filtration system containing coconut shell catalytic carbon destroys odors and removes iron, manganese and other organic and inorganic micro-pollutants. These ready-to-install treatment skids are available for point-of-use applications for homes and businesses, and also for pilot studies for larger projects.

These systems are fully automatic. Both the carbon filtration system and UF membranes are self cleaning and last for years. No filter cartridges or routine maintenance are required, other than making sure the system has hydrogen peroxide available.

There are custom configurations of the peroxone-UF for a wide variety of water problems, including well water, bore hole water, spring water, bottled water processing and surface water such as rivers and lakes. By offering a custom approach to each customer, Clean Water Systems and Stores Inc. staff tests the water in advance and can recommend which type of flocculant to use for best results.

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