Apr 20, 2011

Hydrotech Softeners and RO Products Earn CSA Certification

Certification helps prepare company for new Canadian regulations

Certification helps prepare company for new Canadian regulations

Hydrotech, a division of WaterGroup, announced that the majority of its softener and reverse osmosis (RO) product lines are now CSA B483.1 certified. This recent certification prepares Hydrotech for pending implementation of new regulations in various Canadian provinces, including Quebec. It ensures that the company’s softeners and RO products conform to the highest standard established by CSA for drinking water.

The specific tests required for CSA B483.1 certification include:

• Material safety and toxicological evaluation;
• Structural integrity - cycle (zero to 150 psi for 100,000 cycles);
• Structural integrity - hydrostatic (300 psi for 15 minutes); and
• Structural integrity - burst (four times the maximum operating pressure).


In order to comply with CSA standards, water softeners must also be tested for:

• Structural integrity: Bypass test for 200 on/off cycles with 50-psi pressure without leakage;
• Overflow protection: High-pressure water is fed to the brine tank and checked for overflow for 10 minutes;
• Safety: Electrical components must meet CSA standards and the electrical code; and
• Safety float testing: High pressure is applied to the safety float for one minute.