Hyrdraulic Institute Names Member of the Year

Robert Stanbury, vice president of engineering for Flowserve Pump Division, based in Irving, Texas, has been named the Hydraulic Institute (HI) 2003 Member of the Year. Stanbury works out of Flowserve’s Technology Center, located in Dayton, Ohio. The award was presented to Stanbury during a closing dinner at HI’s 87th Annual Meeting, held recently in Naples, Fla.

"Robert Stanbury is recognized for his dedication and diligence for ‘making things happen.’ His knack for embracing new ideas and challenging established ones has enabled the Institute, and the pump industry worldwide, to chart new directions," said Robert Asdal, executive director of HI. "He shares his insights into organizational changes that have in the past, and continue to, strengthen HI and our ability to serve our members."

In particular, Asdal pointed to Stanbury’s leadership of HI’s Viscosity Correction Working Group for the last five years. Embracing a global vision, Stanbury helped find top specialists in the world to contribute to the new standard. He lead a global search that identified at least 16 different studies, papers and analysis dealing with pump performance with viscous liquids. Updating a methodology that the pump industry has relied on for over 30 years, Stanbury has also helped define specifications for new HI software for accurate calculations of the new viscosity correction method.

In addition to this work, Stanbury serves as convener of ISO TC115 SC 3, WG3 on "Performance Correction for Centrifugal Pumps Handling Viscous Liquids," which the Institute anticipates finalizing later this year as one of its newest landmark standards. He has served as the standards voting representative for Flowserve Corporation and has been actively involved in standards-writing and a regular participant in meetings of ISO TC 115 and EUROPUMP.


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