Apr 06, 2011

IBWA Lauches Video on Recycling in Public Spaces

"Every Bottle Counts" shows benefits of community recycling programs

The International Bottled Water Assn.’s (IBWA) consumer website www.bottledwatermatters.com launched its twentieth YouTube video, “Every Bottle Counts,” a humorous and informative look at how people recycle when they are in public places. A teenaged consumer explores how, when and where to recycle her empty PET plastic bottled water containers as she moves through a busy day away from home.

In this short video, many U.S. communities from coast to coast that currently have public recycling programs in place are cited. Each of the communities listed reports that public space recycling programs either make money or save money for their community treasuries as they make it easier for people to fully recycle unwanted bottles, cans and containers while away from home.

“In this lighthearted look at recycling in public places, a consumer finds herself looking for places to properly dispose of her empties. When there is no place in public to recycle, she’s quick to show how she saves the empty containers until she’s home,” said Tom Lauria, IBWA’s vice president of communications. “At no time does she simply throw her empty containers away in regular trash receptacles. As title explains, ‘Every Bottle Counts’ when it comes to thoughtful recycling.

“IBWA and Bottled Water Matters decided to produce this video because we all have a role to play in expanding and benefiting from more public space recycling,” Lauria said. “Consumers should know they have the ability to make public recycling bins happen in their communities and that their cities and towns can benefit financially from making the effort to capture and recycle PET plastic, glass, aluminum and other recyclable materials.”

In addition YouTube, the video will be available on the IBWA website, the Bottled Water Matters website and the Earth911 recycling mega-site in the IBWA-sponsored section on plastic bottle recycling.