Sep 13, 2010

IBWA Releases Video Encouraging Consumers to Show Support for Bottled Water

YouTube video features “Show Your Support” pledge

The International Bottled Water Assn.’s (IBWA) consumer website, has released “Bottled Water: Show Your Support,” a 90-second YouTube video calling on consumers to show their support for bottled water.

In this video, a Bottled Water Matters teenage advocate talks about the value she places on bottled water and how access to bottled water is being threatened by anti-bottled water activists who are discouraging consumers from buying this product.

She calls on bottled water consumers to show their support for bottled water by adding their names to a “Show of Support” pledge on the Bottled Water Matters website.

The video directs people to the “Show Your Support” pledge with the aim of increasing the number of signatures so that the bottled water industry can show government officials, the media and others there is significant consumer support for bottled water.

The pledge states as follows: “I, the above signed, drink bottled water and understand that it is a safe, healthy, high-quality beverage choice. Bottled water is a modern-day choice because of its convenience and good taste. With bottled water, I'll always have a source for clean, drinkable water in times of emergencies such as hurricanes, floods, or ‘boil alerts.’”

“While the anti-bottled water movement is busy disseminating false and misleading information about bottled water, we as an industry believe it is important that our voice be heard,” said Tom Lauria, IBWA vice president of communications. “Bottled water is among the healthiest packaged beverages on the store shelf and people should not be discouraged from choosing it, especially when obesity, heart disease and diabetes are at the current high rates.”