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At the end of the day, we almost always feel that we tried our best and did a good job. This can be a problem, however, when you work in sales because your mistakes will lead your customers to buy elsewhere.

If an accountant falls behind, they will have piles of work on their desk; however, if a salesperson has not done all they are capable of, the only sign is low sales. This often makes salespeople feel as if we have done all we could do to sell, when we could in fact be doing much more. This article will take a look at some of the things you could be doing to increase sales.

Hours of Operation

If you are not open when people are home, they have to take a day off of work to see you, which makes it difficult to get appointments. There will always be people willing to see you, but they will not always be willing to give up a day’s pay to see you.

Make it easy for customers to buy by working when they have time to see you. This means evenings and weekends. If you do not work retail hours, you are giving up 20% to 50% of your sales.

Executive Clubs

Do you belong to an executive or lead-generation club? If not, you are giving up at least 10% of the sales you could be making. These clubs are intended for generating and sharing leads. Members meet for a meal and trade leads, meet people who will send you customers and sell items to other participants.

The cost to join is low, and anyone who considers themself a serious salesperson should belong to a few of these clubs. To find one near you, type “business lead clubs” into Google and see what you can find.

Charity Events

Charity events are a great way to generate leads, appointments and sales. At these events, you are spending time with people who already like you because you are supporting the same cause they are.

Let’s say, for example, there is a walk for a cure or a charity golf tournament coming up in your area. You could volunteer to hand out cold water to participants, or work at a tee in a golf tournament. Let’s say you are handing out cold water to participants as they wait to tee off. You strike up a conversation, tell them what you sell and offer them a special service as a thank you for their participation in the event. You will make appointments, and best of all, these people already have a bond with you.

Flea Markets

There are many flea markets in which you can participate on weekends. Booth space is inexpensive and hundreds of people will stop by. Think of a creative way to attract attendees to your booth and start talking to them.In the water business, you can give away cold water. If you are good at stopping people and talking to them, there is no better use of your time and money than working flea markets on the weekends.

Bottle Pick Ups

Bottle drop-offs may seem like a good way to spend time, but they actually take a salesperson’s focus away from doing demos and instead place it on hanging bottles. This leads salespeople to feel as if a good day is one in which they hung 500 bottles but spoke to no one, did not do any demos and made no sales.

We instead suggest a plan where someone goes through a residential area and knocks on doors asking for a water sample that will be professionally tested with results provided.

On average, a person will pick up seven bottles per hour. This is roughly half of the homes where someone answers the door. In two hours per day, a salesperson can pick up 14 bottles, which should provide about 1.5 appointments to run when the salesperson calls back.

Increasing Sales

These are just a few methods to increase sales. The important question is: What are you doing to generate traffic and demos? If you are doing little, then you are only making a fraction of what you could be making.

Do an honest analysis of your efforts to determine if there are a few simple tasks you could add that would bring in sales, demos and appointments.

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